Testmanagement with the Test Suite in Solution Manager 7.2 – Part 1

An introduction to the operation of the Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite - Navigation to the Test Suite and creating manual test cases

In this blog, you can familiarize yourself with the operation of the Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite. The blog is divided into several parts and should help you to understand the Test Suite. In this part, we show you how to get to the applications of the Test Suite and how to create manual test cases, i. e. test documents as they have been called since Solution Manager 7.2.


Transaction Solman_Workcenter takes you from the SAP GUI to the Fiori Launchpad, and the navigation bar can help you to get to the Test Suite.

How do you create a manual test case?

Use the transaction soldoc to navigate from the SAP GUI to the solution documentation of the Solution Manager. There test documents can be added to scenarios, processes or process steps. To create a test document use a right-click in the elements area and navigate through New → Test Cases. Now you have 3 options to create your test document.


  1. To add test cases, it is advisable to create test documents in the library. For example, if a process step with a test document exists in the library and a reference of the process step is used within business processes, the elements that are assigned to the process step in the library, and thus also test cases, are copied.
    Whether a test case was created directly in the process step or was added in the process step library, can be recognized by the fact that test cases, that were added in the process step library, have the following icon:
  2. Test configurations are discussed in part 4.

  • If Test Document (Upload) is selected, two new window will open. In the first window you can upload a file in the form of MS Word or MS Excel.

    After the file has been uploaded, the second window has to be filled in and saved with OK.

  • If you select Test Document (From Template), it is only necessary to fill in the opened window.
  • If you want to create a test case with Test Document (Assign), you can search for an existing test document, select it and then copy it or create it as a reference to the original.

After selecting and executing one of these three options to create test documents, a manual test case has been added to the solution documentation and can now be used in the Test Suite. Part 2 continues with the creation of test plans, test packages and test sequences.

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