Contiba offers you interface consulting between SAP Solution Manager & other SAP modules or between SAP Solution Manager & Non-SAP systems

SAP-interface consulting

SAP-interface consulting

As the biggest software manufacturer of Europe, SAP offers a sophisticated system. However, this will need specific configuration of services to external interfaces. The interface between the required services, databases or external programs with existing SAP systems can become a challenge. For these scenarios, competent consultation and excellent service is expected. As a registered SAP Application Development Partner, Contiba is your skilled specialist for building the interface in the SAP environment.

Interface Connection as a challenge in the SAP system

The widespread SAP-Software Solutions are also used for complicated and versatile systems, which require the interface with external services depending on requirement and industry. When trying to connect the existing software solutions to SAP systems, two or more different programming environments or design concepts are often conflicting with one another. This can lead to wrong or disastrous decisions in the case of lack of consulting. In such cases, it is common that the IT infrastructure does not work as desired. It can also be seen that the interfaces in SAP systems are often neglected when integration. This makes them a vulnerable for cyber-attacks, such as hacking. Unprotected SAP interfaces allow attackers to have direct access to SAP systems, which makes data theft easier.

For simple tasks such as a data transfer, file uploads or SOAP web services: from problem analysis to implementation of the new interface, good SAP Interface consulting is required.

Interface optimization by SAP specialists

Our company, headquartered in Berlin and Viersen, is comprised of SAP specialists and former SAP employees having expertise in IT Consulting and Development. While we and our SAP experts take full advantage of the full range of functions and versatility of our SAP products, we also recognize the challenges that interface customization requires. Whether it be integration of different software concepts or may be Mobile Solutions, we have the ability to deliver the solution.

Be it programming or designing of simple programs or realization of complicated solutions for the interface: a fitting Interface Service is one of our core competencies.

The advantages of a well-designed interface infrastructure include:

  • the best possible interface for existing systems
  • enormous time savings due to increased efficiency
  • avoid redundant data input
  • prevention or reduction of data loss
  • avoiding of a source of errors due to an optimized interface architecture


Course of Actions for SAP-Interface consulting

At first, our team of SAP experts will present a comprehensive analysis of your IST state. And then the ‘To-Be’ state of the system is determined after your approval. Finally, the implementation is carried out in SAP System. The goal here is to directly link the existing systems, to optimize the purpose of the workflows and to increase the overall performance. Both non-SAP systems and SAP solutions from other companies can be connected. Thus, for example, software tools from a 3rd party or SAP systems, from which the process flow should be synchronized, can be connected together. Our versatile experience and references speak for a competent realization of requirements and challenges of the SAP Interfaces. Leave our experts the responsibility for the successful implementation of your Interface projects.

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