SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP7 – New Features

Das SP07 des SAP Solution Manager 7.2 bietet eine Verbesserung des Funktionalitätsumfangs. Wir haben einige davon für Sie zusammengestellt.

In May 2018, SAP released a new support package for Solution Manager 7.2, Service Pack 7, which introduced several new features and improved existing functionality, especially the Customer Influence program receiving many improvements based on customer suggestions. This blog is intended to give an overview of interesting innovations.

Solution Documentation

  • Unification of view and scope
    The View and Scope functions have been unified so that the functions of a view are now available in those of the scope. In SOLMAN_SETUP there is now a mandatory automatic activity for migrating existing views.
  • Integration of scopes in ChaRM
    The assignment of scopes in Change Request Management is integrated and synchronized according to scope context.
  • Reports available in batch mode
    Reports in Solution Documentation can now run in batch mode. Mass operations (for example, delete or release) can be performed in the background, with a progress bar being displayed.
  • Site-dependent
    TBOMs and test suite attributes are now site-dependent. As a result, corresponding layouts and derived attributes were removed and replaced by the report TBOMs and test cases by executable units.
  • New features for graphical editor
    The graphical editor has been improved and several new functions have been delivered.


  • Improvements in test plan management
    SAP has provided mass maintenance functions for test plan attributes, test package attributes and test packages for general data and settings. Furthermore, you can see in the list of test cases whether a test case is already assigned to a test package and unassigned test cases can be removed with a single click.
  • New App: Mass Maintenance of Testers
    In the newly delivered “Assign tester” app, mass maintenance of tester assignment to a test plan or test package has now been made possible.
  • Scope and site attribute
    The Scope attribute now replaces the “View”. In addition, the site attribute from the solution documentation has been integrated for the Test Suite.
  • Generate the test plan hierarchy
    If certain settings in the test plan are changed, the test plan hierarchy is newly generated. The user can also manually generate a new test plan hierarchy.
  • New analysis: Traceability matrix
    The traceability matrix helps project and quality managers to achieve maximum transparency of development and changes in business and IT requirements
  • New KPIs for the dashboard for manual testing
    New KPIs have been added to the manual testing dashboard:

    – Number of test packages
    – Number of test cases executed per active tester
    – Error total – solved/open
    – Error per active tester
  • Support of test automation in different browsers
    Recording test scripts is now supported by various browsers.

Custom Code Management

  • New App: Access Custom Developments
    Objects, systems, contracts and owners can be maintained directly in the app “Access library for customer developments”.
  • New App: List of Custom Objects
    The app “Access library for customer developments – Objects” replaces the app “Show library for customer developments – Objects”.


  • Creating critical and white list objects from transport requests
    Critical and white list objects can now be created from a transport using the ChaRM Administration Cockpit. You can also specify a validity period for critical objects. The object is only classified as a critical object within this period.
  • Redefining of system landscape
    You can now remove development and production systems as well as entire tracks from an existing landscape.
  • ChaRM integration into the “My Inbox” app
    The following tasks can be performed from within the app:

    – Approval of urgent change
    – Approval of pre-import
    – Approval of pre-import of normal changes or change of status of the change document
    – Approval of critical and whitelist objects


  • Extended description field
    An extended description field is now available in CRM in which the limit has been extended to 120 characters instead of the previous 40.
  • New dashboard: ITSM Life Cycle Report
    The trace is started from a message. The document flow and the relationships between the processes are then displayed in the traceability matrix.
  • ITSM Dashboard: New KPIs available
    The following KPIs are now available in the ITSM Dashboard:

    – Message delivery (leading 5 support team pairs)
    – History trend per support team
    – Time spent on closed messages (per priority in hours)
    – of messages without categorization
    – Number of teams involved (closed messages)
    – Average number proposed until solution (closed messages)


For further information please refer to: New Features in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07


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