SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP6 – New Features

The Service Pack 06 of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers a customer-driven improvement in functionality. We have put together some of them for you.

In October 2017, SAP released a new support package for Solution Manager 7.2, SP6, which again introduced new functionality and improved existing functionality. This time with SAP’s Customer Influence Program the customers had the ability to share their wishes for improvements which then would be adopted by SAP if important enough. This blog is intended to provide an overview of interesting features released with SP6.

Solution Documentation

  • Drag & Drop documents
    In the solution documentation, you can show and hide a drop area for dragging and dropping one or more documents. This feature allows you to easily upload both documents and document versions.
  • Upload of Excel files
    On the “Imports” tab page, it is now possible to upload local Excel files as initial data uploads of structure elements, assignments, documents, and attributes. For the upload, the Excel file must be saved as a tab-delimited text file.
  • BPMN-Editor optimizations
    SAP has made some optimizations to the BPMN editor. This includes, for example, optimizing auto mapping.

Test Suite

  • Improvements in Test Plan Management
    SAP has provided mass maintenance functions for test plan and test package attributes and test packages for general data and settings in the test suite. In addition, the list of test cases shows whether a test case is already assigned to a test package and unassigned test cases can be removed with one click. 
  • Replacement for Testers
    For a tester, you can now define a representee to replace the tester in absentia.
  • Classified copying
    You can copy test plans with a specific status together, e.g. only open test cases.
  • Drag & Drop of test notes
    You can copy test notes using drag and drop.
  • Improvements relating to reports
    Comments on the test status are now included in the report. In addition, there is now the possibility of a test data report, which provides more details about the test execution.
  • Transfer processing of documents
    If a colleague has checked out a document but is not working on it, you can undo the checkout to edit the document yourself.
  • Hierarchy view in the tester worklist
    On the Manual Execution screen, you can see the hierarchy path and as a tester, you can call the test case hierarchy to execute your tests.
  • Analysis
    Faster analyses are now possible thanks to a more efficient database storage of TBOMs.
    SAP has also provided an analysis of change cycles in ChaRM and the effects of S/4HANA simplification elements in the BPCA.

Change Control Management

  • Creation of transfer orders with implicit change document assignment 
    You can create transport requests directly in an administered ABAP development system and assign them implicitly to a change document in either Change Request Management or Quality Gate Management.
  • Creating customer-specific UI configurations in Change Request Management
    When copying a business transaction type, you can now create customer-specific UI configurations for your customer-specific transaction type.

IT Service Management

  • Extended description field
    An extended description field is now available in CRM with 120 characters instead of previous 40 characters.

Operation of business processes

  • With Business Process Analysis, SAP has introduced a modernized analysis application that runs on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Data Volume Management

  • Fiori-App “Savings Potential – Reorganization and Compression
    This app allows you to simulate the savings potential of reorganization and compression. You can then use this information to decide whether you want to carry out further steps, such as compressing or reorganizing tables and indexes, to save storage space in the database.

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