SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP5 – Standard Change

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP5 introduces a new transaction type for Change Request Management: the Standard Change.


With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Package 5, a new transaction type called Standard Change (SMSG) is introduced.

The Standard Change is used for the frequently used and non-critical changes in the system, which have no technical impacts. For example addition of a new currency in the system. Since the standard change is uncritical and not risky, it can be performed without approval.

Hence the Standard Change can be processed and executed without making a status change in the phase cycle by the Change Manager. This means the standard change can go live faster.

Workflow of StandardChange

In order to process the Change as a Standard Change the applicant has to put a check mark in the checkbox mentioned as ‘Standard Change’:

The Change Manager then checks the change request and sets the status to Validation.This will set the status of the change to ‘Implemented‘. The Standard Change can be created and processed during the “Scope” and “Build” phases of the Phase Cycle (SMIM).

Now the Developer, can make changes is in the development system and release tasks directly. These Transports or Transport of Copies are released directly to the Quality system. With the Support Package SP5, COPY_ALL_ENH” action was introduced, which helps to release and immediately import the transports of copy (ToC) into the Q-system without any manual effort or Scheduled Background Jobs.

If the tester sets the status to “To be Tested”, it is checked whether the transport request is assigned only to White List objects. White list objects can be maintained using transaction CM_ADM_COCKPIT. If all the tests are successful, the original transports are imported into the Q system. And the Change Manager allows the standard change to be imported into the production system. 

After the status of the Change has now been set to “Imported”, the change requester can close the Request for Change.

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