SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Online Demo System

If you want to get a first impression on SAP Solution Manager 7.2, without any effort, the Internet Demo System from SAP is your first choice.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Online Demo System

There are many advantages in using SAP Solution Manager 7.2, for e.g. detecting errors early or increasing consistency and efficiency in your business, etc. Nevertheless, many SAP customers do not yet use Solution Manager due to not knowing the tool, because there was no easy way to test it and discover the possibilities, till now. With the free Internet Demo System for Solution Manager 7.2, things are changing. Now you have the opportunity to test the functionalities without any costs and decide if the Solution Manager could help you in your business scenario. We from Contiba GmbH checked out the Demo System to analyze how it can help you with your decision.

With version 7.2 SAP improved design and functionalities of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and made it easier to use. That is why you could gain new experience with Solution Manager when checking out the system. Here is a short instruction on how to access the Internet Demo System.

Access to the Demo System

Here is the link to the Demo System. The page contains a link to the central entry point of Solution Manager 7.2, i.e. Fiori Launchpad, and some access data, which are free to use. If you want to try Solution Manager with one explicit functionality, you can choose the corresponding user out of the list or log on with the “all-in-one” user, having all functionalities available. In Fiori Launchpad you can then access the different tools of Solution Manager 7.2. Here are some important and interesting tools:

Some functionalities are not completely usable because data is not everywhere fully available as you would expect. Nevertheless, the Demo System gives a good first impression of Solution Manager 7.2 and its many features and application areas. Additionally, you can also access the “Focused Solutions” of SAP. Those are not included in standard Solution Manager 7.2, but available as add-ons for an extra fee. 
All in all SAP’s Online Demo Systems is a good possibility to try out Solution Manager and gain a first experience with its tools without having to pay anything at all.

Our Service 

In a Solution Manager Value Check, we analyze your system free of charge and without obligation via remote, in order to give you an expert assessment of the use of the Solution Manager in your company. Contiba GmbH will be your partner for the implementation of IT Service Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. With years of experience in helping our partners to achieve easy implementation of SAP Solution Manager, we have also been able to customize the workflow of ITSM according to the need of customers. With in-depth knowledge and experience on end-to-end implementation and support for SAP Solution Manager – IT Service Management we help our partners to optimize their business processes and gain higher values.

You want to support your company more efficiently with SAP Solution Manager or familiarize yourself and your organization with the use of SAP systems? Call us without obligation and make an appointment with us.

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