The Customer Relationship Management Tool of SAP®


The SAP CRM provides best-in class functionality for marketing, sales and service. It supports customer-facing business processes across multiple interaction channels. SAP CRM enables organizations to focus on strategies for customer-driven growth and to differentiate themselves in the market by providing a superior customer experience.

SAP CRM 7.0 is since April 2008 already on the market and includes useful extension packages (EHP1 – EHP4) with new functionalities. Worldwide, the solution was implemented by thousands of companies, but not all functions are used or utilized effectively.

The SAP CRM supports the following functions:

  • Management of all customer data using the central business partner management to customer relationships and hierarchies
  • Effective Activity/Contact Management
  • IS-U / CCS-standard integration
  • Complaint management with escalation mechanisms
  • Realization of sales processes for any products and categories
  • Web Channel Integration connects your online activities, especially online shops, with your CRM system
  • Billing in CRM and interfaces to Accounting
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide administrators evaluations from different applications
  • User-friendly customer segmentation and cross-system target group selection
  • Targeted marketing planning and campaign management
  • Call Center functions (telephony / email integration)
  • Integration with MS Office (eg. Automatic filling of Word templates with automatic contact system, offer calculation with MS Excel) via Web Service
  • Document Management: Store and call up any documents
  • Synchronization with groupware calendars from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

The requirements of a company to its CRM application are strongly influenced by the individual business model, its membership through its industry and of course the size / number of users. Contiba responds to all your needs in every shape and help you to master the challenges that you face at a introductory, upgrade or optimization phase.