Process Visualizer

A Graphical Visualizer of the Process Types in Change Request Management

Process Visualizer for Change Request Management

The Transaction Code CM_ADM_PROC_VIS  or the Process Visualizer is quite an interesting and helpful transaction code for the SAP ChaRM users. This transaction code gives a graphical visualization of the transaction types of Change Request Management in the system. The graphical report gives you a detailed Flowchart like view of the whole process from the start condition (mostly the created state) till the end condition (mostly it will be the Implement, or Release or Update state).

The prerequisites, the transaction types should have in order to generate the graphical report is that, it should utilize an action profile and the actions to be included and sketched for the process type should have an user status as a start and end condition.

Some of the Standard SAP transaction types that are compatible with this transaction code is listed below:

  • SMAD: Administrative change without TMS
  • SMCG: Change of IT assets or legacy systems
  • SMCR: Request for change
  • SMCT: Request for change template
  • SMHF: Urgent change with TMS
  • SMIR: IT requirement
  • SMMJ: Normal change with TMS
  • SMRE: For Impl.,Tmpl. or Upgrade Projects
  • SMAI: Alternative,for task list variant SAP1
  • SMIM: For Impl.,Tmpl. or Upgrade Projects
  • SMSG: Standard change
  • SMTM: Correction of a defect during test
  • SLMO: Product maintenance procedure  

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