SAP UI5 Implementation

SAPUI5 is a growing trend for SAP's User Interface technology. With its new design principles, it can really revolutionize the User Experience.

SAPUI5 Technology

SAPUI5 is yet another web-development toolkit based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript in the market that has ‘feature-rich’ core and really huge collection of user controls. By ‘feature-rich’ we mean it is capable of data-binding and models for different data sources, support Model-View-Controller concept, load multiple language resources on run-time, and is an efficient engine for creating and updating the HTML pages. Since SAPUI5 is based on HTML5, its main advantage is that it supports cross-platform devices and browsers because of responsive design. There might be many other web-development tool kits available, but SAPUI5 is tightly coupled with SAP Enterprise software as it is developed by SAP. Which means, using SAPUI5, users now can get to feel the new style of web applications while leveraging the benefits of SAP to run their business better. UI5 is closely linked to SAP Fiori, the new user experience of SAP. All SAPUI5 apps comply with the Fiori design guidelines, and thus have many desirable properties that can be highly beneficial to business.

Advantages of SAPUI5

  • Fiori Design: Applications developed with SAPUI5 follow the SAP Fiori design guidelines and can therefore be made accessible on the SAP Fiori Launchpad. They are platform-independent, and adopt to different screen sizes, i.e. they run on any desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Customization and Extension: With the establishment of the Fiori Launchpad SAP has provided a collection of standard Fiori applications, many of which are developed with SAPUI5. These applications can be customized and extended easily to meet the individual needs and requirements of their users.
  • SAP Product Compatibility: User Interfaces based on SAPUI5 will be the standard in the SAP landscape. Hence, adjusting to the SAPUI5 framework ensures compatibility with future SAP products.
  • Increased Performance: Since SAPUI5 handles all the UI events at client side as compared to old web dynpro applications where events are handled on server side. This would decrease load on SAP servers by large scale. Thus, increasing the performance of the system.
  • Increased Productivity: SAP has made a great effort to equip SAPUI5 with a set of state-of-the-art controls, which is reflected in a modern design. An appealing application is the basis for a good workflow, resulting in an increased productivity.

Our Service

Contiba has always strived for the latest technology in SAP. Thus, we always do our research on the new technologies from the grassroots level. With our extensive knowledge, we provide the following services:

  • Introducing the client to SAPUI5 aspects.
  • Analyzing the current SAP infrastructure and suggest the perfect design for SAPUI5 apps.
  • Supporting and helping you implement new custom SAPUI5 apps with both front-end and back-end implementations.
  • Implementation and extension of SAPUI5 apps in Solution Manager 7.2 and also other SAP Modules.
  • Supporting you in extending standard SAPUI5 apps for customer-specific needs.

Do you want to revolutionize the User Experience for your End Users wiht UI5 Applications? Do you have any special requirements on mind? Please do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment.

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