SAP Solution Manager – Custom Code Management

To cover complex individual business processes custom code is often necessary. It can however become a detriment to your SAP system.

Custom Code Management

Each company has its own business process of varying complexity, not all of them can be covered by SAP’s standard functions. Although SAP has provided multiple customization options often they are not enough and the user has to resort to using custom code. Over the course of time many of those custom code developments are no longer required while still remaining in the SAP system.

Our Service

Companies face the following dilemma: both custom code and upgrades greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company, but have an anti-proportional effect. In order to fully profit from the advantages of proprietary developments as well as upgrades, an efficient and above all continuous management of Custom Code is necessary!

Starting with a workshop on Custom Code Management, we will support you in finding the right strategy for the management of your own developments. Later, our experienced employees activate the functionalities in your SAP Solution Manager and integrate them into your existing processes.

Custom Code Management with SAP Solution Manager

Solution Manager provides a variety of custom code management tools. We have summarized the most important and related advantages for you:

Advantages at a glance

  • Releasable / Flexible
    Lower costs and time needed by reducing the effort required for the modification adjustment after a release change!

  • Future-proof / Innovative
    Create the foundation for your existing applications HANA-Ready!

  • Monitoring the Custom Code objects
    Use dashboards to gain insight into all your own developments, modifications and clones in all your SAP systems!

  • Stability and Performance
    Eliminate problem and increase the stability and performance of your SAP systems!

Do you want to learn more about Custom Code Management? Would you like to integrate Custom Code Management into your existing processes and the effort for a release change should be reduced? Would you like more transparency about your own developments in your SAP systems? Call us without obligation and arrange your appointment with us.

Profit from our experience in the area of Custom Code Management with SAP Solution Manager.

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