SAP Smart Forms

A SAP Print Design transaction which can add texts, pictures, barcodes and tables into its layout and which can later be printed or downloaded as Pdf.

SAP Smartforms


The design tool functionality of SAP, i.e Smart Forms exists from SAP ECC Release 4.6C. From then, it’s the main tool used for the creation and customization of forms to print the Business Documents like Change Request forms, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, Offer letters and Experience Letters.

Smart forms are the easiest and Smartest way to develop forms in SAP. Smart forms are used to create and maintain forms for mass printing in SAP systems. Apart from the standard output using printers, users can save it as a PDF or can use it to fax or email others. You can use the HTML output to harmonize forms with Internet applications. This enables to use the smart forms for both printing and internet uses.


Conversion of the outcome of system processes into form’s or documents, which acts as a communication channel between inter-company or inter-organization has been a big challenge for companies. The structured and designed formats of the forms have to be precise according to the company standards. The data flow, styles, and fonts have to be customized in favor of the user.

Our talented consultation team will work together with you for the creation or generation of customized forms in your company standards according to each requirement. These developed forms can be downloaded in PDF formats, used as attachment’s in e-mail conversations and can also be printed out.


  • The dynamic framing of texts.
  • Static and Dynamic Table insertion.
  • User-friendly and integrated Form Painter for the graphical design of forms.
  • Data interface in XML format.
  • Form translation is supported by standard translation tools.
  • HTML output of forms.
  • Interactive Web forms.


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