SAP Mail Form Implementation

SAP Mail Forms are easy to use & maintain e-mail composition tool that can be used in CRM System to configure predefined structure for any outbound e-mails.

mail_form_emailsSAP Mail Forms

Mail Forms are one of the ways how an outbound e-mail is composed in the SAP System. Any executive company would like to have an e-mail body with fancy texts, images and company logos. In SAP CRM system, mail forms are predefined e-mail templates that contain predefined e-mail text along with HTML formatting as well as images and logos. Although all these are possible with existing features of SAP like smartforms and adobe forms. But all these involve more maintenance costs whenever there is even a small change required in the e-mail body. With Mail Forms, the maintenance costs are way low while still the mails can be as fancy as a HTML based e-mails can be.

Features of Mail Forms

Simple Creation and Editing:

  • New Mail Forms can be created easily from Web UI Client
  • Existing Mail Forms can be easily edited with Mail Form editor which is equipped with WYSIWYG tool (‘what you see is what you get’ tool)
  • HTML Code is generated automatically in the back-end. Hence, programming knowledge is not required to change or create simple Mail Forms.


  • Attributes can be used to insert personalized content in the mail forms.
  • Conditions can be used to personalize the structure of the mail forms.

Language Versions:

  • User can create multiple language versions of one Mail Form. Thus Internationalization E-Mails is possible.

Response Tracking:

  • With Response Tracking, the admins can understand the effectiveness of the e-mails sent as part of mail campaigns.

Test Send and Preview:

  • With Mail Form editor in SAP Web UI, users can preview the mails and send it to themselves or any other person for testing before it is pushed productive use.

Application areas of Mail Forms

  • CRM Interaction Center agents
  • Outbound emails in ERMS (E-mail Response Management System) to send auto replies, acknowledgements and Outbound E-Mails.
  • Outbound E-Mails triggered via PPF actions on CRM Orders.
  • Notification Framework

Our Service

With Contiba’s experienced Solution Manager Consultants and Developers, we can be your partner to configure and deploy Mail Forms for the existing E-Mail Communication System. As part of our service we offer:

  • Introduce the customer team to concept of SAP Mail Forms
  • Convert existing mail composition system with Mail Forms
  • Develop new Mail Forms for customer specific needs
  • Configure the Mail Forms for the Post Processing Functions of CRM Tickets
  • Train customer admins to handle changes in Mail Forms easily

Do you want to introduce Mail Forms to your End-Users and make it an easy maintenance of predefined E-Mail composition? Do you have any special requirements for E-Mail communication process? We can always propose a tailor made solution for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment.

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