SAP WebUI Enhancements

SAP provides a well-structured enhancement framework to modify the Web UI as required by customers and personalize the UI for all users in the landscape.

web_settingsSAP Enhancement Framework

Although, SAP has provided hundreds of standard applications that have been built on pretty standard process flow, these standard applications cannot satisfy the needs of every SAP customer. There will always be some gap between the required function and the existing standard functions. To fill up such gaps, SAP has provided some entry points into the standard flow called SAP Enhancement Framework by way of which, customers can modify the provided process flow and still leverage from SAP’s features.

So, question of the hour is, what is this SAP Enhancement Framework?

In layman’s terms, if SAP programs are considered as homes, then enhancement framework would be many ways (authorized back gates) to get into these homes and modify.

With current SAP Enhancement Framework, SAP has given different options through which enhancements can be done:

  • Business Add Ins (BAdI)
  • User Exits
  • Customer Exit
  • Implicit and Explicit Enhancements

These are some of approaches how the standard ABAP objects can be modified.

Enhancement Set for SAP WebUI

For the modules that require web application like SAP CRM, SAP SRM or even SAP Solution Manager, SAP has provided its own Web UI framework with appropriate web applications (UI Components). Although these standard web applications are optimized for general purpose, there is an option of Enhancing these standard UI Components via UI Component Workbench. This helps to give users the UI that they are comfortable with and also fulfilling the custom requirements without distorting the standard code.

Features of SAP Enhancement Framework

  • Enhancements of existing development objects on different levels – for example, in an industry solution, in the IT department of the customer, and finally in a customer’s company.
  • Better upgrade support
  • Switching of enhancements with the Switch Framework
  • Support for grouping enhancements and appropriate tool support for documentation.

Our Service

Developers and Consultants at Contiba GmbH has been successful in fulfilling all kinds of requirements in regard to customized SAP WebUI for our clients. May it be Customizing the WebUI or creating a custom widget plugin or even implementing whole new custom view, we accept the challenge. With our versatile experience with our clients, we not only just accept the requirement from the end users, we also pitch in our expertise to give them more optimum solution. We believe in building the right software rather than building software right.

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