SAP CRM Solution

SAP CRM has a comprehensive solution with not so easy architecture but extremely useful when it comes to integration with SAP and non-SAP Products.


SAP CRM has a comprehensive and complex solution for the integration of SAP and non-SAP products and for making the right product available to the right customer at the right time.
The three major modules of CRM are Sales, Services and Marketing. Apart from that, the analysis level can be used for reporting without having to execute ETL tools for loading data into BW.
SAP CRM user interface is based on WEB/UI. Thus it can be used from browser and provides more options for sales or service professional to capture customer needs/wants.



  • Join your customer experience with customer interactions!
  • Take control of all customer experience touch point with your organization.
  • Capture holistic view of all endpoints by individual and collective reporting with drill down and roll up capabilities.
  • Enhance your customer base by leads and Campaign management.
  • Segment your customers using enriched profiling tools.
  • Regain your customers with Loyalty Management Point based program.

SAP CRM offers it all, we can configure and enhance system according to your business needs.


  • Increased Profit!
  • Helps in understanding requirements of new customer, by capturing every activity.
  • Yields more insights in customer data and helps to deliver the right product.
  • Bring delight to your customer.

Our Service

Contiba GmbH will be your partner for the implementation of SAP CRM Services, Marketing and Sales Module. With years of experience in helping our partners to achieve through implementation of SAP CRM, we have also been able to develop custom workflows to give transparent view of the work process for higher management. With in-depth knowledge and experience of end-to-end implementation and support for SAP CRM we help our partners to optimize their business processes and benefit by adding more value.

Would you like to increase your Profit by integrating SAP and/or non-SAP backend Systems to SAP CRM System?  We can help you by providing Standard and Customized Solutions. Call us without obligation and arrange a meeting with us.

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