IT-Consulting – Authorization concept

We help you in implementing Authorization concept, keeping legal and your organization specific requirements.

IT-Consultation: Purpose and Contents of our Workshop

Authorizations in SAP systems are used to determine proper user access. In practice, you face the challenge of taking into account your company’s internal regulations, legal requirements, safety-relevant aspects, as well as overlapping/overriding aspects of users in your authorization concept. For this reason, SAP system provides highly sophisticated system for granting authorizations

AS-IS Situation

There are many reasons to create new authorization concepts or adapt existing ones to improve them. Some of them are for example:

  • The implementation of new corporate or legal regulations
  • Introduction of new SAP functionality within your company
  • A redesign and/or an adaptation of the authorizations after a system upgrade (for example, upgrade to the Solution Manager 7.2)

Our Services for you

  • Coordination with internal company regulations and legal requirements.
  • The preparation of a written authorization concept according to Best Practices as well as.
  • During the go-live phase (Hypercare Support)

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