Interface Development

Interfaces form an intersection between existing IT systems and the SAP system; this is essential for an efficient IT infrastructure.

Interface Development

For a successful and profitable IT infrastructure, a combination of various IT systems / applications that provide versatile features and advantages is necessary. While some organizations are capable of upgrading their IT infrastructure and utilizing a single system for all purposes, others still depend on old legacy systems for running their applications but with a strong SAP system at the back-end. Under these scenarios, it makes sense to use a middle ware application that can act as a reliable interface between your legacy systems and SAP.

Our Service

Interface form an intersection between two SAP systems or between SAP system and a non-SAP system. Be it any, we at Contiba can design and implement these interface applications for your SAP systems so that your users can continue using the legacy systems while the management can take advantage of SAP systems for business decisions.

We have expertise on ABAP Proxy, RFC, Web Services and on classic IDOC. So, be it interaction of data between systems using IDoc or linking a web application to SAP system using Web Services or even interaction between third party systems and SAP ERP system using SAP PI as middle ware (ABAP Proxy), Contiba has answers to all your requirements!

Do you have a legacy application running in your IT Infrastructure, but management like to implement SAP system for better Business Process? Do your end-users want to continue using your existing application while management wants to take advantages of SAP System? Then Contiba can help you to build reliable interfaces. Just contact us without any obligations and we can help you out.

Special add-on

Contiba, along with years of experience with web service requirements, developed a web service add-on that can be used to interact with any third-party web application with data in JSON format.


  • Interact with any web application.
  • Data interaction in most basic format of web world – JSON
  • Add-on can adapt to any structure of JSON data and convert to ABAP data.
  • Customers have chance to utilize this data in any way they need.

Are you interested in interface development? Feel free to call us to arrange a meeting with us.

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