Implementation of IT Service Management

SAP Solution Manager ITSM tool is certified by ITIL and is designed to manage business processes and run service desk operations efficiently.

IT-Service Management

SAP Solution Manager – IT Service Management

IT Department of organizations face challenges on regular basis. Be it an IT department of a large banking service, or food industry, to thrive in today’s market, it is important that the IT departments should remain effective and future-safe but should also be cost effective on day-to-day business. It is known fact that the success of organization depends majorly on these IT infrastructures. In order to prove their value to business, it is important to optimize daily tasks that have less business values and to use KPI and benchmark-based reporting to make IT processes more valuable to towards achieving positive results.

In order to make IT a cost-effective department, it is necessary to standardize and automate IT processes end-to-end (E2E) without reducing the SLAs required by the business, such as availability, performance, process, stability, data consistency and process compliant.

SAP has defined process standards and best practices that can help customers set up and run the end-to-end solution operations for their SAP based applications. This is a result based on the experience gained by SAP Active Global Support. With this idea, SAP came up with SAP Solution Manager to support SAP Customers.

One of the success factor for easy flow of day-to-day task is a well-structured communication channel. By communication channel, not only it means to have dependable communication system, but also the record of every information that is being exchanged. One such kind of transaction can be reporting the incidents and problems in IT Systems or any other service request also known as service desk operations. IT Service Management is core entity of SAP Solution Manager that can help to keep track of incidents reported by users along with the service requests logged.

The SAP Solution Manager IT Service Management tool (ITSM) is certified by Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). SolMan ITSM is designed to support and manage business processes and enable the customers to run service desk operations efficiently. With ITSM, customers can manage Incidents, Problems and Service Request as defined in SLAs. It can be implied that customers can implement infrastructure changes without affecting the business and users.


Benefits of IT Service Management

  • Custom Workflow settings
  • Automated e-mail communication between the relevant organizational units
  • Seamless integration of change management into the ITSM processes
  • Fast response to incidents
  • ITSM Reporting / Analytics to visualize business data and KPIs in the system
  • Support messages can be forwarded directly to SAP

Our Service

Contiba GmbH will be your partner for the implementation of IT Service Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. With years of experience in helping our partners to achieve easy implementation of SAP Solution Manager, we have also been able to customize the work flow of ITSM according to the need of customers. With in-depth knowledge and experience on end-to-end implementation and support for SAP Solution Manager – IT Service Management we help our partners to optimize their business processes and gain higher values.

Would you like to integrate the IT Service Management into your existing processes or familiarize your organization with the handling and customizing in ITSM work flow? Call us without obligation and arrange a meeting with us.

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