Custom Code HANA-ready!

Custom code has to be made HANA-ready to ensure the functional correctness and take advantage of performance improvements when switching to SAP HANA.

Custom Code with HANA

More and more customers are switching to SAP HANA because the advantages are convincing and the cost of hardware is decreasing. Cloud and hybrid solutions are also becoming increasingly attractive as an alternative to pure on-premise deployment.

Every company has custom code, which has to be made HANA-ready regardless of the chosen deployment scenario, in order to ensure the functional correctness of the code on the one hand and to take advantage of the opportunities for performance improvements by HANA on the other.

Our Service

Companies are therefore faced with the task of optimising their own developments in such a way that HANA’s full potential is exploited.

To ensure a smooth migration, we perform an analysis of your custom code and make adjustments for you. In doing so, we analyze your custom code for dead code, necessary adaptations to HANA and possibilities for performance improvements.

Custom Code Management with SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager provides a variety of tools for Custom Code Management. We have summarized the most important benefits for you:


  • Future-Proof / Innovative
    Create the basis to make existing developments HANA-ready, today!
  • Fast / High-Performing
    Use the full potential of HANA for your company and profit from the new possibilities.
  • Monitoring
    Get an overview of the usage of your custom code objects.
  • Stability and Performance
    Eliminate legacy issues and increase the stability and performance of your SAP systems!

Do you want to learn more about Custom Code Management or do you like to integrate custom code management into your existing processes? Would you like more transparency about your own developments in your SAP systems? Call us without obligation and arrange your appointment with our experts.

Profit from our experience in the area of Custom Code Management with SAP Solution Manager.

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