Contiba Enhanced Summary Field

Sometimes it is necessary to have a longer and wider text field in the tickets of a SAP® system. Contiba's Enhanced Summary field is the solution for your problems.


SAP Solution Manager provides the User with a user-friendly user interface based on CRM Web Client UI Framework. This CRM User Interface provides many standard fields to input texts and various inputs, which satisfies the requirement in many cases, for creating an Incident or Service Request in ITSM. But most of the customers are not satisfied with some of the input fields and parameters on UI, as they do not satisfy their custom requirement.  Sometimes these additional requirements can be fulfilled by utilizing standard additional fields already available which can be added in the UI with simple CRM UI Configuration and doesn’t require any CRM UI Developments.


While creating an incident, change request or any other transaction data using SAP WEB UI, the customer might find it difficult to label appropriate description in the standard field of length 40 Character.

Understanding the Customer requirement, Contiba has come up with an idea of the Enhanced Summary field.  The description field in the Incident, Change management, Service Request or any other Solution manager ticket is replaced with an Enhanced Summary field, a free text of 255 characters. In this Summary field the users can enter big Paragraph of texts as input and save it. The text entered here is also saved as text logs and can be viewed under the log box in the Web UI.


Contiba’s Enhanced Summary has proven itself as a worthy solution:

  • Free Text of 255 Characters instead of 40 character description field.
  • Makes a track of the Text entered using Text Logs
  • User-Friendly UI input field for Users

Benefit from our expertise in  Customer requirement handling and easy solutions with Contiba Enhanced Summary field.

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