Contiba Easy Search

Sometimes it becomes necessary to have custom searches in the Solution Manager. Contiba's Easy Search is the solution for your problems.

Contiba Easy Search

The searches have been an integral part of the SAP CRM web UI. The CRM web user interfaces for ITSM, Change Management, or any module has search and result view, which created a buzz across the globe within Solution Manager community when it was introduced. And these searches are used to search for business objects in the WebClient UI.

The Enterprise Search in coordination with the Web UI have come up with this search functionality. The main objective to include the Enterprise Search is to enhance the WebClient UI in terms of keywords and free text. This implies you can enter Keywords, IDs, or free content in the search box, and find over all business objects that belong to the business role. 

What is Contiba Easy Search?

Customized Searches and Results for the Standard and Custom Process types according to the user requirements make Solution Manager easier and user-friendly. 

Contiba’s Easy Search provides the user with a customized and simplified search and result view for the users. According to user requirement the search is created based on the custom components in order to dynamically search the business objects in the system. The Contiba Easy search function searches the most common attributes for your search parameter. You provide the search parameters in the search box and it searches and creates a search view with the search results. You can use the Contiba Easy Search to search in the Web UI for business objects using IDs, texts, or field values which you enter in a single search field. Furthermore the search shows a massive Performance imporovement in comparison to the Standard search functions.


Contiba’s Easy Search has proven itself as a worthy solution:

  • Easy and Fast Search
  • Customized Search with custom components according to user requirements
  • Supports Free Text Search, Search for Id’s, Status Search, and search in business object attachment

 Benefit from our expertise in Customer requirement handling and Easy solutions with Contiba Easy Search.

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