Contiba Easy Migration

When having a new installation of SAP Solution Manager the Migration of Master Data is a challenge for every Customer. Contiba simplifies the challenge.


SAP Master Data Migration is an important part and process for the success of an SAP implementation. During the migration of an SAP Solution Manager or SAP CRM system or while copying the Master data and installing a new SAP Solution Manager system the transfer of the business partners with its essential properties is mandatory for the proper assignment of the organizational structure and also for the functional and transactional authorization. 

A Business Partner in SAP Solution Manager is an important entity on a business perspective interest and it is categorized as, the business partner for the user and the business partner for the organization. A business partner in Solman is used to represent a person or an organization, which possess a role inside the processing of the different business documents in various processes like incident management, change request management and so on. And these roles embody the functions and transactions the business partner get involved.


During SAP Master Data Migration, the need of migrating business partners with its same number and properties is a backbreaking job. Contiba Easy Migration makes this as easy as on a click.

Contiba’s Easy Migrator migrates and generates business partners for SAP users and organizations with help of RFC Connection. It also reduces the work burden and inconsistencies related to the business partner which is normally been induced after the master data migration, as the solution replicates data and links same as in the previous system. This even enables the system to replicate the Organizational structure and its units strongly bonded as from the copied system. The Easy Migrator saves head breaking work sessions and time for users.


Contiba’s Easy Migrator has proven itself as an advanced solution:

  • Migrate Business Partners with same properties(address, roles, and identification)
  • Does not generate random Business Partners, which leads to inconsistencies
  • Proper assignment and linkage of Business Partners to Organizational Structure
  • Proper assignment and linkage of Business Partners to SAP Users

 Benefit from our expertise in  Customer requirement handling and Easy solutions with Contiba Easy Migration.

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