Contiba Easy Archiver

Sometimes it becomes necessary to store the tickets of a SAP® system. Contiba's Easy Archiver is the solution for your problems.


Sometimes it becomes necessary to store the tickets of a SAP® system. And due to legal issues or failover policy, you don’t want to use outdated content servers. Contiba’s Easy Archiver is the solution for your problems. Customized to your special needs, Contiba’s Easy Archiver collects not only the tickets, but all related files such as emails and their attachments in the corresponding directory. Including subsequent orders. Regardless of whether the tickets are Incidents, Problems, Service Requests, Service Orders, Change Requests, Normal Changes, Urgent Changes or General Changes, Contiba’s Easy Archiver is the answer is the key solution for storing them as pdf-files. Even if you want to search for a process without knowing its exact id. That’s no problem. You can find it by just typing in some describing key-words of the process you are looking for into your regular full-text search – thanks to Contiba’s state of the art indexing method.


Contiba’s Easy Archiver has proven itself as an advanced solution:

  • no content server needed
  • no external consultation needed
  • optimal readability through PDF-conversion
  • saves data on clients pc
  • SAP® certified



Contiba’s Easy Archiver is a SAP® Solution Manager add-on for storing processes such as tickets. All related files including emails, their attachments an subsequent processes will be archived in one directory related to the main ticket. The software runs from a related client fast and easy. All tickets are stored as readable pdf-files. No additional content server is needed. 

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