Extended Description Field on CRM WebUI in Solution Manager 7.2 SP06

How can the 120-character long extended description field be included in the CRM WebUI? Experience all the advantages of the new description Field in Solman

This blog explains how to replace the 40-character standard description field in Solution Manager 7.2 SP06 with an additional standard field, the 120-character extended description field.

How is the extended description field added to the CRM WebUI?

If you are in IT Service Management on the view of an incident, the WebUI configuration can be opened by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

If the configuration is now open, a window on the left side of the screen can be opened via the available fields button. In this window you can search for the new field. The extended description field hangs under the same node as the 40-character description field that has been used so far. The Show Technical Details button displays the technical details for all fields. We now use this display to search the field. The field can be found under the technical name //BTADMINH/EXT. /AICRM/DESC_L.

After the field has been added, the simple description field can be hidden if desired. The two fields have been mapped in such a way that the simple description field automatically receives the values of the extended field and therefore no further customizing is required in the searches.

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