Dashboard And Dashboardbuilder in Solution Manager 7.2

Dashboard builder in Solution manager 7.2 is a user friendly tool, which helps to develop dashboard based apps for better visualization of data analysis.

Dashboards SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Solution Manager 7.2 Dashboard is a visual representations of business data in forms of dashboard apps. SAP provides dashboards and applications on different topics, in different work areas and also provides us with the framework which helps the user to customize the apps according to the requirements and even allow us to create our own apps. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides us with many dashboards and apps, for the status and performance of your managed systems and applications

The User interface of the Dashboard consists of 3 major components.


Dashboard can be resembled to a folder which holds a set of applications. It can display large amounts of information in a compact form. One dashboard normally provides the values of one or more KPIs for a topic and usually consists of one or more tiles which shows the values of one KPI.


Dashboard Apps 

Dashboard Apps are user friendly visualization of the output of a fully-fledged running applications. Interactive actions such as filtering and drill-down can be used. The displayed visualized data is updated automatically without any user assistance.

Apps can be visually represented by various formats like charts, graphs, tables and even in number based formats.

Configuration apps 

SAP provides a lot of dashboard apps, to visualize the status and performance of the system and applications in the system. Theses Dashboards and apps can be customized or configured according to the need. Configurational changes to the apps like editing the header, texts or app data are handled by the configuration apps.

Dashboard  Builder

Dashboard Builder is an internet browser based standard tool of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 which helps to create dashboard and dashboard apps with ease. It helps the business key users to build the dashboard apps with flawless reporting and monitoring content with required data.

Features of Dashboard Builder

Detailed View 

Deep analysis into the dashboard application is possible by clicking on the tile and a detail page will open up or by clicking on a bar in the chart area will also help you in analyzing it. The detailed view provides you to add or remove fields and key figures and even change the visualizations. It even has the feature to export the output to Microsoft Excel.

Drill Down View 

Layouts can be configured for one or more drill down views for the detailed view of the result. These drill down views can be displayed as chart or tables.


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