Custom Code Management with the SAP Solution Manager

Custome Code Management opens up the opportunity for the customers to customize the SAP standard software for implementing customer-specific requirements.

Custom Code Management SAP Solution Manager

Custom Code Management SAP Solution Manager

Each company has its own business processes, which can not be completely covered by the standard software provided by SAP. In order to meet the requirements of companies, the standard software can be adapted by Customizing. If these customizing measures are not sufficient, you must extend the SAP standard with Custom Code.

This leads a company into dilemma: The more custom code, the more competitive a company is, as its IT is optimally adapted to their business processes. However, the more custom code, the greater the amount of downloads for upgrades or the import of support packages, since all proprietary developments must be checked manually and adjusted if necessary. Experience shows that around a third of the proprietary developments are no longer used after one year.

The solution is Custom Code Management. One divides the Custom Code Management into four phases:


In this phase, the goal is to gain transparency about the number and usage of Custom Code. The Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM) is used here.


The “control” phase is characterized by the central management of its own developments. Tools such as Usage and Procedure Logging (UPL) allow analysis of usage patterns. Another useful tool in this phase is the SAP Coverage Analyzer (SCOV).


The optimization phase in Custom Code Management is accompanied by code improvements, optimized test procedures, avoidance of SAP clones and minimization of the influence on an upgrade project. In SAP Custom Code Analysis, there are some important tools such as the SAP Clone Finder or theSAP Modification Overview . The Custom Development Management Cockpit (CDMC) can be used for an imminent upgrade. For example, you can check the impact of an SAP EHP on its own development. The Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) helps you find out what impact transport orders, enhancement packs, and support packages have on custom code objects.


In this phase, dashboards are used in SAP Solution Manager to efficiently and transparently manage custom code and ensure a continuous improvement process.

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