Content Activation – SAP Solution Manager 7.2

 Content Activation - SAP Solution Manager 7.2 

Content Activation

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP has come up with a completely new approach to process management. You will find out its impact on your upgrade and what measures must be taken to ensure a smooth transition.

Was ist die Content Activation?

In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the solution and project management were completely redesigned. For this, the solution documentation which existed in SAP Solution Manager 7.1, normally used after the release change, must be converted to the corresponding format of SolMan 7.2. This process is called “Content Activation”.

Who needs to perform Content Activation?

Content Activation is not required for all customers.
Projects and solutions were used in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 only for Monitoring-Services (eg: EarlyWatchAlert) or for Service Delivery (eg GoingLive), the content activation can be neglected.
However, if you want to continue using projects and solutions in Release 7.2 that are related to one of the following areas, you must perform the Content Activation:

  • Solution Documentation,
  • Change Request Management (ChaRM),
  • Quality Gate Management (QGM),
  • IT Portfolio  and Project Management (ITPPM),
  • Test Management and
  • Business Process Monitoring (BPMon).

How is Content Activation performed?

Content Activation consists of three parts:

  1. Preparation

    From a business perspective, people who are responsible should have a brief discussion on whether the corresponding projects and solutions should be transferred to Solution Manager 7.2 or not. The following applies: The more projects and solutions to be incorporated into the new release, higher will be the time spent on Content Activation after the upgrade.

    From the technical point of view, to make sure that content activation runs smoothly, you should be familiar with the topic of content activation. The SCN-WIKI and the Best Practice Guide ( → SAP Components → SAP Solution Manager → Release 7.2 → 5 Upgrade → Solution Documentation Content Activation Guide for SAP Solution Manager 7.2). The WIKI explains the basic concepts and also answers the frequently asked questions. The Best Practice Guide also provides a step-by-step guide for the actual content activation. Note 2227300 provides further information for the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

  2. Before Upgrade
    In SAP Solution Manager 7.1, the Guided Procedure is executed via transaction “PREPARE_ACTIVATION”.
    Caution: The Procedure can only be executed once!

  3. After Upgrade

    In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the Guided Procedure is executed via transaction “SOLMAN_SETUP” → Related links → Post-upgrade activities → Content activation of the solution documentation (role “SAP_SM_SL_MIGRATION_72”).

In principle, it is only possible to perform the entire content activation after the upgrade. Since this will have an impact on your Go-Live, we strongly advise against this!

In short, it should be emphasized that the preparations for the upgrade should begin at an early stage.Keep in mind that, the more time you spend on upgrading your solutions after the upgrade, the more content you want to take.On the other hand, if you take too little content, costs will be lost in the re-documentation of the solutions. Use Content Activation to remove any unused projects and solutions.

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