Co-Innovation – Together, we influence the SAP-world

The wings of change always flutter on the fire of ideas. This simple sentence explains the subject of co-innovation in a few words. Under co-innovation, we understand the common and interdisciplinary approach to the realization of ideas and solutions. The team Contiba, follows this path of success, which decides how the business processes can be made for the users even more optimal.

Innovations for a lasting future

No matter whether experts with different specialization search a solution for a known problem in SAP Environment, or create a fundamentally new idea: the interdisciplinary co-operation on the subject is characterized by sustainable success. The combined efforts of different expertise in current technologies formulate the potential for improvement and new development within the SAP environment. Various approaches towards thinking and considering different perspectives within the framework for the development of co-innovations form the basis for a sustainable and efficiency-driven success. New software solutions or add-ons are built based on the number of expertise or specialists in the area for fast, stable and efficient IT systems. This will form the basis for the optimization of Business Processes within your organization.

SAP Specialists and Users together in the Project

Co-innovation’s does not only depend on knowledge of SAP Experts. Each application is based on complex Business Process of your enterprise. This argument indicates how indispensable is the practical experience of the Consultants in the company. With industry-specific knowledge and experience from everyday practice beyond IT, users are also a very important part of projects within the framework of Co-Innovation. Only the development of interdisciplinary knowledge ensures the success of customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of companies.

Developing Resources by Co-Innovation

Do you have an idea that solves existing problems or optimizes active applications to improve your SAP solutions? Under one roof, together with our philosophy on the subject of co-innovation, we can assist you with necessary resources and additional knowledge to lead you from the idea towards the finished product. Working together, we can implement your ideas for new products or services or optimize existing applications.

Feel free to contact us and arrange a brain-storming session to concretize your ideas.

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