Checklists in SAP

Checklists in SAP are used to manage SAP Tasks

Checklists in SAP

Checklists in SAP  

provide the following functions:

  • Sequential and parallel execution and visualization of tasks
  • Automatic checklist determination
  • SAP Workflow Integration to notify responsible partners
  • Availability for Service Requests / Troubleshooting / Request for Change / Service Orders

Sequential execution, parallel execution and visualization of tasks

If a checklist with various tasks has been already created, it is possible to display these in the Web UI using a Process Flow Diagram. The Process Flow Diagram allows you to see which tasks are executed in parallel or sequentially. In addition, the status color also shows which tasks are “In process”, “Open” or “Completed” status.

Automatic checklist determination

It is possible to perform an automatic checklist determination so that the correct partners are set automatically for individual tasks, when a new service request is created (rule policy). The respective partners can then be notified using the SAP Business Workflow for the respective tasks for which they were entered.

SAP Workflow Integration

If you integrate the SAP workflow and perform the required Customizing, the respective partners that have been set for specific tasks can be notified by e-mail and work item.

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