How to Add Dashboard Builder to your Fiori Launchpad

Dashboard Builder in Solution Manager enables you to visualize and configure large amounts of information from the Fiori Launchpad.

Using dashboards, you can display various information in Solution Manager with help of different dashboard templates, which in turn gives a quick overview of the topic area that is displayed in the corresponding dashboard. 
The Dashboard Builder in Solution Manager 7.2 is a SAP UI5 based tool, which allows the user to easily configure and visualize the required analyses


To display dashboards, the following roles are required:

  • SAP_SM_DSH_DISP in Solution Manager
  • SAP_SM_BI_DSH_DSP in BW-System

Rolls required to create dashboards:

  • SAP_SM_DSH_CONF in Solution Manager
  • SAP_SM_BI_DSH_CONF in BW-System

In The Fiori Launchpad

The Dashboard Builder is not accessible initially. To enable this in your own Fiori launchpad, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Select the “Personalize Home Page” button in the menu.          
  2. Insert a new tile in the respective area, where you want to add the function. (Here is the section “My Home”) 
  3. Navigate to the category “SAP Solution Manager: Configuration” and select the “Add to Group” pushbutton under the “Configuration – Analytics and Dashboards” tile. 
  4. The tile for the Dashboard Builder is now available in the Fiori launchpad, accessible via the respective group in which it was added.
  5. While navigating to the Dashboard Builder you can see various dashboard templates, with which you can visualize your own dashboards.


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