ABAP CDS enables code pushdown in NetWeaver AS and the definition of comprehensive data models, thereby leveraging the full potential of HANA-DB.


Data models form the basis of every ABAP application are stored in the DDIC, the ABAP Dictionary. With the introduction of SAP HANA, a new technical procedure was also introduced, based on the simple rule: “push-down logic to database”. In particular, the idea of executing data-intensive logic in the database (Code-to-Data or Code-Pushdown) and not in the application server (Data-to-Code) was created to leverage the HANA-DB. CDS was born. Initially only available for HANA, CDS was soon also introduced in ABAP. The result is rich functionality to generate a comprehensive data model, which is available in ABAP, integrated in ABAP Lifecycle management and implements the Code-to-Data approach.

Vorteile und Funktionalitäten von CDS

  • based on Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • all SQL functionalities available
  • Database independent
    (the basic functions are DB-independent, some special functionalities are only available on specific DB’s. Nevertheless, the main benefit lies with HANA since the code-to-data approach for classic databases does not necessarily improve performance).
  • annotations
  • associations
  • extendable
  • Views with input possible
  • integrated in ABAP Lifecycle Management

With CDS, you can improve application performance, especially with data-intensive logic, and also gain more possibilities through new functionalities to generate a richer data model. A distinction must be made between CDS views and CDS table-functions (functions that expect tables as input). ABAP CDS can only be defined in the Eclipse-based ADT, but are displayed as classic views in the ABAP Workbench.

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